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Mobility for Supervisors

Using the PayClock Online mobile interface, supervisors can now view their employee time cards, make edits, send messages, view totals and select reports;
all on a smartphone, iPad or tablet. PayClock Online gives supervisors and administrators the power to access these functions at their convenience and remotely from any location with an Internet connection. This means your workforce time and attendance can be managed in real time from anywhere, so employee work hour data is always up to date, making payroll processing is easier and faster.

Supervisor Mobile Functions

Assign Badge Numbers

Add Missing Punches

View Benefit Time

Override Lockouts

Add New Employees

View Punches

View Worked Hours

Send Audio Messages

Edit PIN Numbers

Delete Punches

Send Text Messages

View Reports

Mobility for Employees

Your employees that work in the field can track their time automatically by clocking in and out remotely with their smart phones or web enabled mobile device. The employees at your facility can still use a Lathem automated time clock to record punches. All your employees can view their personal time card information and benefit time whenever they want with any Internet connected device.

Employee Mobile Functions

Transfer Departments

View Benefit Time

Hear Audio Messages

View Reports

View Worked Hours

PIN Entry

Enter Tips & Amounts

View Last Punch

View IN-OUT Status

View Text Messages

PayClock Online GPS Tracking Feature

If you choose to set up employees to record their time using web-enabled devices like smart phones, now you can verify that remote-based workers are where they should be when they record their work hours. PayClock Online provides the option to receive GPS coordinates from these devices when employees punch in or out. These GPS coordinates are sent to the PayClock server and convey the location of the device at the time each employee clocks in or clocks out. PayClock Online’s mobile settings can be configured so that employees can only record punches if their smartphones have the GPS location recording enabled.  The GPS coordinates from each mobile device punch can be displayed as a geographic view using Microsoft Bing Maps.  Within PayClock Online these maps will display the identification of the device and the location of the punch along with radius area of accuracy.




“PayClock Online is very convenient to be able to access and keep track of our 20 employees’ daily time including: regular hours, sick time, vacation and holiday time and overtime from where ever I am. The added convenience of being able to login from anywhere with a PC or Mobile phone is great!”


Dave Thomas,

Primary Eye Care



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